AlphaGear is a fitness apparel company designed to motivate and educate  those with disabilities both mentally and physically to achieve a fit and healthy lifestyle. Lack of physical activity and overall health are major, ongoing concerns in today's world. Some of us face more difficult hardships and obstacles than others to attain a fit and healthy way of living, and some do not have the proper resources or influences in their lives -- that's where we come in!

Our mission is to encourage and inspire those with disabilities to better themselves through education on and interaction with physical activity and nutrition. We will accomplish this goal through both individual and group exercise classes, stimulating, informative lecture seminars on physical activities and nutrition focused on individual disability needs, and motivational events to keep the drive alive! 

AlphaGear's vision is to unleash the "Alpha" and unlock the true potential out of each and every one of us with a signature, fitness lifestyle design and quality brand. Together we can achieve a more fit and healthy lifestyle. Transform your fitness apparel and transform your life. "NO BOUNDARIES, NO LIMITS!"